Who we are looking for
Pioneer who creates the future with a thorough challenging spirit with initiative and creativity based on a sense of community of mutual understanding and cooperation.
Future is not given. Only strivers can take the future they want.
We are looking for someone to strive together for such a future.
General Personnel System
SR TechnoPack is making effort to realize a personnel system with consideration of the individuals’ abilities and capabilities.
With a firm belief that ‘personnel is the asset of the company,’ we are putting efforts to make a harmonious workplace that prioritizes individuals’ abilities.
New Employee Training
General office work education, work placement, OJT is provided after recruitment
Employee Reward System
  • 모범사원 포상
    RewReward for Model Employee:
    On the foundation day, we appoint model employees per workplace or team and reward them with an additional prize.
  • 「SR TechnoPack-ian of the Year」 Award:
    「SR TechnoPack-ian of the Year」 Award:
    Apart from the model employee award, the ‘SR TechnoPack-ian of the Year award’ is awarded separately to the employee with great contribution to the company based on their excellent achievement. As the additional prize, we support overseas or domestic traveling expenses for a couple(can be selected by the employee)
  • Other management innovation activity-related events rewards:
    Other management innovation activity-related events rewards:
    Active participation of individuals or departments in office management innovation-related events are rewarded and reflected on end-of-the-year bonuses.
Personnel System
  • Department Assignment:
    Assignments are made in respect of individuals’ aptitude and preferences
  • Promotion System
    Promotion System: 3 Months Training- Staff- Senior Staff- Assistant Manager – Manager  - Deputy General Manager – General Manager - Executive
Compared to the companies in the same field, we have a higher wage system established and we operate the wage system thoroughly based on individual ability and achievement.
Benefits System
The company is putting efforts to promote the welfare of the staff.
4 Major Social Insurances
All employees are signed up for basic social insurances which are: Health Insurance, National Pension, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and Employment Insurance.
Children's tuition reimbursement
100% of the tuition for the children in middle/high school is covered, and we provide a portion of the tuition for the university as well.
We operate comprehensive medical testing to maintain employees’ healthy life at work.
Congratulations and Condolences Program
We provide expenditure for celebrations and condolences to share the joy and sorrow of the colleagues.
Employee’s Mutual Aid Society
We have a separate mutual aid society under operation for mutual aid between the employees.
Intra-Company Club Support
We support intra-company club activities to arrange amity and communication between employees and executives.
Language Education and Examination Fee Support
We support educational expenditures and examination application fees to learn various languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and more.