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작성일 2022-03-29


Oxygen barrier coating film ‘GB-8’ award
GB-8, applied to domestic and foreign cup beverage brands
Advancement into the medical and electronic device coating field

SR Technopack, a manufacturer specializing in packaging materials and containers, announced on the 12th that the oxygen barrier coating film 'GB-8' was selected as an award-winning product in the beverage category of the '2021 World Star Packaging Awards' hosted by the World Packaging Organization.

This award is an annual awards ceremony for packaging design and technology development. It is known as the world's most prestigious award in the packaging technology industry. This year, 194 packaging-related new technologies submitted from 35 countries around the world were awarded. SR Techropack is the only Korean company to be named as an award-winning company in the beverage packaging field.

SR Technopack GB-8 received high praise for its excellent oxygen barrier performance, cost-saving effect, and eco-friendly material that is easy to recycle. GB-8 is a product that supplements the water resistance of 'Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)' material, which has a high oxygen barrier effect but dissolves easily in hot water. It is made in the form of a solution and applied and coated on a base film (PP, PET, Ny, PE, etc.). Unlike the process using the existing aluminum foil, the process required was reduced by simply coating without using an adhesive. It can be expected to reduce production costs by reducing the process. In addition, since the plastic cup body (PP) and the attached product label are made of the same material, recycling is possible without separate and disposing of them.

Currently, GB-8 is being used for labeling cup beverage products of 7 domestic and foreign food brands. SR Technopack is promoting the development of a coating film that can block oxygen as well as moisture penetration. It plans to complete a coated packaging film that can be applied to medical and electronic devices in the future.

SR Technopack CEO Jo Hong-ro said, “After winning the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the domestic packaging competition last year, we proved our product competitiveness by winning the Global Award this year. We will do our best to make it happen,” he said.
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