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작성일 2022-03-29


Establishing a foothold for overseas expansion... Global attack spur
3 times the oxygen barrier effect with applied coating↑
Development of moisture barrier coating film in progress


SR Technopack, a specialist in packaging materials, announced on the 26th that the eco-friendly oxygen barrier coating film 'GB-8' has obtained a food container coating suitability certification from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It has laid a foothold for overseas expansion and plans to spur the global market.

According to this certification, GB-8 can be applied not only to export products, but also to various food packaging materials such as fresh food, processed food, beverage, and alcoholic beverages overseas, SR Technopack explained. In particular, it is said that even if exporting companies use GB-8, additional verification or certification for export is not required.

GB-8 is known as a packaging material that exhibits a barrier effect that is three times higher than the existing oxygen barrier film just by applying and coating it to the base film in the form of a solution. In addition, since it is thin, it can be applied to various packages. It is evaluated that it has solved the problem of waste disposal as it can replace aluminum foil used for food preservation. It is reported that 7 domestic and foreign food brands introduced the GB-8 package last year and achieved the effect of reducing about 1,300 tons of plastic waste.

In particular, SR Technopack GB-8 was recognized for its technology and competitiveness by winning the World Star Packaging Award from the World Packaging Organization (WPO), the world's most authoritative packaging industry in January.

SR Technopack CEO Jo Hong-ro said, “This FDA certification means that GB-8’s technology has gained competitiveness in the global market. said
Meanwhile, SR Technopack is promoting the development of a coating film that blocks moisture as well as oxygen. In the future, it plans to introduce eco-friendly packaging materials that can be applied to various fields such as household goods, cosmetics, medical care, and electronic devices.

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